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Yield: 20 meat balls Time required: Circa 40 minutes Ingredients 1 quarter of a yellow onion, finely shredded 1 egg 3 table spoons of heavy cream 2 table spoons of rolled oats ¼ teaspoon of salt (or to taste) ¼ tea spoon of honey 1 pinch of ground white pepper (or to taste) 1 pinch […]


The sandwich was named after its alleged inventor, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, a British stateman and avid gambler who lived in 1718 – 1792. It should be noted however that the basic concept of putting one or more items of food on top of a piece of bread is much older than the […]

Pinnekjøtt is a Norwegian main course dinner dish of lamb or mutton ribs. During Christmas dinner, many families serve  pinnekjøtt with puréed Swedish turnips and potatoes. The dish is especially common in Western and Northern Norway. Traditional preservation of mutton Pinnekjøtt is made from mutton that has been preserved using a traditional method; either curing, drying […]

Forshmak (German: vorsmach) is a stew made from herring, and sometimes also sheep or lambs meat. It has traditionally been eaten in Eastern Europe and in the Nordic countries. It is traditionally served on top of dark and heavy rye bread. Recipe for cold forshmak This is a recipe for cold forschmak based on herring. […]

Svartsoppa (“Black soup”) is a soup made from goose blood and eaten at the traditional Mårten Gås dinner in southern Sweden on November 10. Nowadays, it is strongly associated with the Swedish province of Skåne (Scania). Svartsoppa (Black soup) recipe Ingredients (serves 2) 10 centiliters of blood (preferably goose blood, or a combination of goose […]

Flæskesteg is a Danish roast pork prepared with crackling. In many Danish families, it is enjoyed on Christmas Eve together with boiled potatoes, pickles, beets and mustard. The left over pork and crackling is then used to prepare open sandwiches during the next day or days. There is for instance the flæskesteg med rødkål where the […]

Labskaus is a dish associated with Northern Germany, especially Hamburg, Bremen and Lübeck, from whence it spread with sailors to other ports in Northern Europe, especially around the Baltic Sea. It is a hearty dish based on salted meat or corned beef + root vegetables, onions and pickled gherkin. Nowadays, it is usually prepared using […]

Nikkaluokta soup is a Swedish soup with minced meat and cabbage. It is named after the Nikkaluokta, a community located in the northernmost part of Sweden. This is a cheap and hearty soup, perfect for cold winter nights. Nikkaluokta soup recipe Nikkaluokta soup can be made with many different types of minced meat, including beef, […]

This recipe will yield just 2 triangles of club sandwich. If you are planning to serve the club sandwich witouth any side dish, this might not be sufficient for two adult persons. Simply double the recipe to give each person two triangles instead, or tripple it if you are really hungry and want three triangles […]

This is a tomato-based sauce from Amatrice, Italy. It is based on guanciale (salt-cured pork cheek or jowls), pecorino cheese and tomatoes. If you can’t find guanciale, use pancetta. If you can’t find pancetta, chopped bacon (preferably unsmoked) will do in a pinch, but the resulting sauce will not taste exactly like traditional Amatriciana sauce. […]


CFD trading

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Healthy food and lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle does not just mean that you eat healthy without adding any fat or sugar. Healthy food and lifestyle in todays world is about finding a balance, both with the choosing
the right food and the time it takes to prepare it. Many families have a hard time finding this balance and the easiest way is often to buy unhealthy takeaway food. Sweden is one of the most
developed countries in the world when it comes to healthy food and lifestyle. One very good way to get healthy food in a quick way there is to order the food online, which gets delivered to
your doorstep every week. Matkasse.se shows all the grocery stores where you can order your food online and they give great tips for how to find time cooking and to eat healthy.