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Svartsoppa from Skåne

January 05 , 2018 by admin - in Soup

Svartsoppa (“Black soup”) is a soup made from goose blood and eaten at the traditional Mårten Gås dinner in southern Sweden on November 10. Nowadays, it is strongly associated with the Swedish province of Skåne (Scania). Svartsoppa (Black soup) recipe Ingredients (serves 2) 10 centiliters of blood (preferably goose blood, or a combination of goose […]

Nikkaluokta soup is a Swedish soup with minced meat and cabbage. It is named after the Nikkaluokta, a community located in the northernmost part of Sweden. This is a cheap and hearty soup, perfect for cold winter nights. Nikkaluokta soup recipe Nikkaluokta soup can be made with many different types of minced meat, including beef, […]